Our People

Ryan Hancocks

BEco (Rhodes), BEco Hons (Rhodes), PGDip Journ (Rhodes) Mcom Financial Markets (Rhodes)

Ryan is in charge of the SARBCEJ. The Centre aims to improve the coverage of economics, finance and business journalism on the continent. There is a strong focus on community engagement and knowledge sharing through targeted training in economics fundamentals and media ethics. Ryan offers supervision at a Masters level to students keen on progressing research in economics and business journalism. He teaches the PGDip EJ course and Financial Journalism specialisation for PGDip.

Ryan Hancocks graduated from Rhodes with Honours in Economics in 2005 and from there trained in supply-chain management and spent three years as a demand planner for Unilever. Returning to Rhodes in 2008, he completed his MCom in 2010. Knowing he wanted to engage with the human aspect of South Africa’s financial markets, he took the opportunity offered by a full scholarship from the South African Reserve Bank to do his Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

After a year as a freelance journalist, he went back into corporate life, joining Morgan Stanley Capital Markets.  While working in portfolio and risk management for a corporate institution was compelling, it didn’t feel like it was doing enough to effect real change in a country of such profound economic inequalities. So Ryan joined Media 24 as a digital operations manager, helping to develop a new digital learning initiative and furthering his passion for sharing economic and financial knowledge.

He then got the chance to collaborate with the Bloomberg Media Initiative in Africa lecturing in Economics, Journalism and Ethics at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg.  At the same time, he began his current position as Director of the SARB CEJ. In this role, Ryan is driven by the need for innovation in the sector.

“I am concerned that current financial media do not speak to the right people. We seem to be continuing with the safe spaces, talking to business, to the established professionals. What we need is content producers who want to do things differently, to get out there and share our stories, our failures and successes with everyone – because financial and economics stories are relevant to every single person living in this country.”

Ryan has placed this focus on a new way of telling finance stories at the heart of SARBCEJ teaching