About Us

Each one of us exists within an economy. Our lives are profoundly affected by how that economy is run, how it performs.

For that reason, we need access to accurate facts and analysis – to know who to vote for, who to trust and who is responsible when things don’t happen as they should.

The South African Reserve Bank Centre for Economics Journalism (SARBCEJ) aims to meet that need by improving the media coverage of economics, business and development in Africa.

We do this through research, education and training and by engaging with media, business, government and society throughout the continent.


We passionately believe that accurate and insightful economics reporting is essential to democracy – especially on a continent in which so many people live in poverty. We’re particularly focused on finding ways of making sure that the right information gets to those who need it most. We base all our actions on the vision of an inclusive journalism that aims to support the sustainable economic development of the continent.

The centre draws on the academic resources of Rhodes and our own capacity and networks to initiate and produce research on the coverage of all aspects of economics, finance and business.  This includes issues of development and economic transformation.

Education and training
The centre gives working journalists and journalism students the knowledge and skills to report effectively on economics, business and development. We create journalists who are able to ask the right questions, understand the issues, analyse the data, explain complex concepts to those who are affected by them and hold decision-makers accountable.

We work to help strengthen existing networks of business, economics and development journalists in Africa and creates new ones where none exists.

We provide resources to help working journalists improve their coverage of issues.

We build on existing partnerships and seek out new ones to further achieve our vision of building a sustainable centre of excellence in economics journalism education.